Poverty includes invasive noises. In Algeria, they subordinate women and affect mental health and productivity.

This podcast is about the sound of Apartheid in Algeria, stories and witnesses about the effect of sound on our lives.


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Murray Schafer, R. (1992). Introduction. In A Sound Education: 100 Exercises in Listening and Sound-making (p. 7–12). Indiana River (Ontario, Canada): Arcana Editions. Retrieved from: https://monoskop.org/images/7/7b/Schafer_R_Murray_A_Sound_Education_100_Exercises_in_Listening_and_Soundmaking.pdf

About the of ‘spectacle’ and ‘spectacular society’ it is not so easy concept to be cut and dried. They were developed first in the mid-1 96os as part of the theoretical work of a group called the Situationist International, and they represent an effort to theorize the implications for capitalist…

That’s right. Eyeliner in the upper edges of the eyes creates a sharper gaze and an alert expression, and similar tips. Here’s how you can use movie man-makeup techniques in everyday life.


“Nearly every actor will also have expressively shaped eyebrows — lengthened eyebrows can enlarge the face; shorter brows…

From film to the emergence of impressionism and modern art painting. With science, artists know that a photograph is not the way we see the world, the way we focus is always interlaced with remembering of the past and predictabilities of the future. Artists are interested in depicting sensations. …

Being in a dorm, with roommates, takes away the comfort of family. It is the norm in an individualistic culture where 18-year-olds are asked to leave all ties behind and find their way through peers and college institutions. Restricting family ties does not make many, even with their unique personality traits and attachment styles, more productive human beings, rather they struggle to find an important balance, and if they do, it is hard to maintain. I argue that the trauma stays there forever, and it makes the western individual and consumption-driven society, because big brain developments happen during early adulthood.

Going to college

There is a comfort in being with family and a familiar environment. Usually, one leaves at 18 years old to live in a dorm in a new city and is asked to be productive. But that creates inevitable small t trauma. Sure, it is standard in our…

Social media, P.C. culture, and respect for diversity create a forcefully agreeable generation, and just as anxious, alienated, and disconnected from their needs. In order for Generation Z to feel less alien, they must be brave enough to offend and disapprove.

Human culture is in a major turning point and a time of confusion in our behavior: How much do we censor ourselves to fit in our society? That’s always been an issue to a human being, we make laws, ethics, politics, and social norms to cope. But how much…

Bureaucracy. And people unnaturally shying away from curiosity because “this is not their field of ‘expertise’” and “they’re not part of the elite ‘smart’ researchers.”

Between 1919 and 1948, Total Factor Productivity [meant to measure scientific breakthrough,] averaged at its highest, more than 2% a year. …

The truth is we’re all going to die and everyone we love is going to die.

“Turn towards this thing called death. Even if you’re afraid to turn toward it, turn toward it. It won’t hurt you. …

Being born last gives you an “advantage” in your brain and time. Inequality in the resources of mental externalities is real and can make predictions in the personality you turn out to form, it all extends back from childhood. What place-in-line you were born in can predict how you view life and your mental health.

Note: The “Advantages” in the subheadline is not fully true. These are not advantages, rather things that make you unique; that many children born last are unique with. …

The things that matter most are emotionally ridden, and we need not gaslight people that are emotional, and see them as unprofessional, and immediately lose our trust and their credibility. The most biologically emotional people are teenagers, and then we develop a new culture in adulthood, but we must not forget that we decided on our opinions when we were emotionally ridden teenagers: We are using formalities of what seems like logic as a veil to silenced emotions by our now fully developed prefrontal cortex.

“This adolescent empathy frenzy can seem a bit much for adults. But when
I see my best students in that state, I have the same thought — it used to be so
much easier to be like that. My adult frontal cortex may enable whatever
detached good I do. The trouble, of course…

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