Poverty includes invasive noises. In Algeria, they subordinate women and affect mental health and productivity.

This podcast is about the sound of Apartheid in Algeria, stories and witnesses about the effect of sound on our lives.


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Murray Schafer, R. (1992). Introduction. In A Sound Education: 100 Exercises in Listening and Sound-making (p. 7–12). Indiana River (Ontario, Canada): Arcana Editions. Retrieved from: https://monoskop.org/images/7/7b/Schafer_R_Murray_A_Sound_Education_100_Exercises_in_Listening_and_Soundmaking.pdf

Repetition, start in slow-motion and gradually increase the speed, avoid distraction, imagine doing it then do it, in-depth focus on the craft with breaks.

“Shame resilience is the ability to say, “This hurts. This is disappointing, maybe even devastating. But success and recognition and approval are not the values that drive me.” — Daring Greatly, by Brown and Brenee, 2012.

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When you grow up knowing you can not be paid performing dances, songs, and being a public personality: You constantly feel like you need to separately work for money and keep a public personality: A double job. Because being a public personality, creating content, is free labor. Yet we do not know that: Expectations from society exceed our perceived abilities, which is a lie.

They chose not to lock eye contact in order to think and answer correctly. They listen and problem-solve instead of coming up with potential clever responses or oppose just for the sake of protecting their social belonging and avoid the pain and discomfort of contradicting points of view (that in turn threaten their social belonging). They deprive themselves out of social validation and acceptance to seek it in other ways: In art, research, interesting remarks. In a sort of investment, they take off their immediate gratification, in order to make it bigger over time. These people that may seem anti-social, alienating and alienated, depressed, depressing, or anxious, are actually non-impulsive: They are doing the harder thing when it’s the right thing to do, not getting gratification, but make it late, hide and increase that energy, to let it go in other things, more creative things, smarter things, or, equally likely, more devastating things (school shootings, loud hatred and bitterness to gain attention, chaos-driving and revolution making, etc.).

Say you got asked in the streets about something, and you did not look the person in the eye, and connect with them as you could, but rather you thought you need to think with the best answer to their question: The best practical solution to their problem. You…

About the of ‘spectacle’ and ‘spectacular society’ it is not so easy concept to be cut and dried. They were developed first in the mid-1 96os as part of the theoretical work of a group called the Situationist International, and they represent an effort to theorize the implications for capitalist…

That’s right. Eyeliner in the upper edges of the eyes creates a sharper gaze and an alert expression, and similar tips. Here’s how you can use movie man-makeup techniques in everyday life.


“Nearly every actor will also have expressively shaped eyebrows — lengthened eyebrows can enlarge the face; shorter brows…

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