About Commodification

About the of ‘spectacle’ and ‘spectacular society’ it is not so easy concept to be cut and dried. They were developed first in the mid-1 96os as part of the theoretical work of a group called the Situationist International, and they represent an effort to theorize the implications for capitalist society of the progressive shift within production towards the provision of consumer goods and services, and the accompanying ‘colonization of everyday life’.
The word ‘colonization’ conjures up associations with the Marxist theory of imperialism, and is meant to. It points to a massive internal extension of the capitalist market- the invasion and restructuring of whole areas of free time, private life, leisure, and personal expression which had been left, in the first push to constitute an urban proletariat, relatively uncontrolled. lt indicates a new phase of commodity production — the marketing, the making-into commodities, of whole areas of social practice which had once been referred to casually as everyday life. — The Painting of Moderne Life, 1985

It has always been this way, but : you ask someone to tell you a joke while working on the field, every day, because it’s their thing, that's what they’re best at, and we don’t want to kick them out of the community because of that. This old guy is okay at cooking corn, but he’s also a fascinating storyteller around the fire every night, so we keep him: This was the way before hyper industrialization.

But this doesn’t mean that the insult, the commodification itself, what it represents, the disrespect to human dignity, even if objectification is part of human life, there is importance in the censoring of that explicit objectification: niceties, ignoring, not taking away someone’s job just like that because they’ve been bad at telling the story today, and there are better ones out there: The anxiety-driven basis of the culture in commodifying human beings: that anxiety, that’s the problem: That easy threat to social belonging: that’s the problem for corporation and industrialization today.

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