How can we use the idea of death to be better?

The truth is we’re all going to die and everyone we love is going to die.

“Turn towards this thing called death. Even if you’re afraid to turn toward it, turn toward it. It won’t hurt you. And see what it has to teach you, it’s a tremendous teacher, free of charge.”

“The closer I get to physical death, the more alive I feel, and the more present I feel. And the more real I am. And I realize that… I have no idea… what lies on the other side of physical death. [But it must be that I become more thoroughly alive.”

I have nothing to say, but I must publish this article. I am out of words. As I listen to Duncan’s Mom, talk about her cancer diagnosis, and her experience with life and death. And the second episode, where she is in an oxygen bed, and actually dying. I must publish this article as a tribute, but I never done this before, but I must publish just the source: The videos above. And be speechless. I need this to show in my profile. And to others. Until I understand what to make of it. In a sense, publishing it out there pressures me to think about it, and it is a hard thing to do: Death and life. And the distractions we make to keep us away from death. Inevitable death.

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