How to Look Manlier using… Makeup?

That’s right. Eyeliner in the upper edges of the eyes creates a sharper gaze and an alert expression, and similar tips. Here’s how you can use movie man-makeup techniques in everyday life.


“Nearly every actor will also have expressively shaped eyebrows — lengthened eyebrows can enlarge the face; shorter brows make the face seem more compact. Eyebrows plucked in a slightly rising curve add gaiety to the face, but slightly sloping ones hint at sadness. Thick, straight brows commonly applied to men reinforce the impression of a hard, serious gaze .”— Art of Film, an Introduction,David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, 1979.

Eye Liner

You can use eyeliner to emphasize the upper edges of the eyes: Creating a sharper look. Subtle and small effects do wonders for the unconscious of the person you are talking to.

How to create glamour using lighting?

Strong light in key and fill light on the sides. The key light is a strong light a little to the side and the fill light is a light on the opposite side to lighten up the shadows from the key light. The fill light cancels the hard shadows of the nose and lips from the key light, and it creates a glamorous look. You can add a few small lights on the front to add sparkles in the eyes. Both key and fill lights bring out good proportions of the face. The fill balances the key and takes away the unnecessary shadow that might make your face seem exaggerated.

“A balancing of key and fill models her face to a greater degree than straight-on frontal lighting would.”


With the powder, the key for men is evening out skin tone, covering blemishes, and eliminating any shine or reflection.

And of course, beards

Grow a beard: it makes your face more detailed, which is satisfying for the eye to explore (Imagine a bald man with an all-razed face.)

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