Why Are Cartoons Now More Soft And Cuddly?

The Powerpuff Girls now vs earlier? There’s a big difference. Now, they talk about normal kids' things, like going to school, etc. But in the old one, there are talking dogs, robots, and dismemberings. Heck, they punch a tooth and blood out of a demon just in the intro.

Why? And is this good?

My argument is yes. I grew up with the old Powerpuff girls, and all the things that are supposed to be funny were not funny to me, I did not notice the gore and destruction and boobs and dirty jokes and a talking dog. I watched it without a second thought. And I don’t know what that does to a person. But an adult watching the show? You know there is no such thing as a talking dog and that taking off someone’s membrane is not normal, and so it’s funny! When you’re a kid, you don’t have a logical perception of the world yet! You still think your parents are wonderful and they’re not just two random people who had sex. You think the adults know everything and you (And I'm sad to say this) get your perception from T.V.! At least for me, I know I wasn’t an idiot believing everything on T.V. is real, obviously! But at the same time, I did not comprehend the world outside. So when I watched the classic Powerpuff girls with a creepy demon and accidents, destruction, cutting, death, I simply absorbed it. When you’re an adult and you see that, it satisfies you because it’s so out of this world! But when you’re a kid watching that, you do not KNOW that it is out of this world, or that it is the world, because you don’t know the world yet, so you just absorb.

Just a demon getting a workout in.

I feel like the classic Powerpuff girls are adults making cartoons for children, but the new Powerpuff Girls are children making cartoons for children, and the second one is healthier for the children. Obviously, they’re not actual children in the writing room of Powerpuff Girls Z, but they tried to get in the mind of a child, the classics didn’t, and this goes for many shows at the time including Dexter’s Laboratory, The Pinkie and The Brain, etc.

Fun, not creepy :-)

As adults now, we love to watch cartoons that talk about normal life things. Like being broke, dealing with a wife (if you’re a man), having kids, hating work, doing embarrassing things, going to bars, etc. The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, etc. But we never gave that to kids, and so they grew disconnected. Shows in the making now want to include kids, their problems in school, how they feel as children living life, they want to find someone to relate to as well! I sure remember when I was a child, my problems back then are not big to me now, but they were as big to me then as the “adult” problems now like figuring out a living, etc. If we are adults making a cartoon for children, we underestimate the weight of young challenges, but those young challenges were for young selves: They are just as heavy and hard as whenever in our lives.

Sweet, sweet violence.

So when the Powerpuff Girls or Teen Titans (Go!) reruns are more friendly to kids’ problems like talking about school or the first kiss and forgetting all that actionable superhero stuff and far fetched-off-the-world action, remember that we need to be children making shows for children, like we are adults making cartoons for adults.

The arguments of anti-reruns are this:

They are superheroes, and they’re showing school? It’s BORING! When do you ever want to hear about school after BEING in school the whole day? — It’s relatable. It’s funny. As soon as these kids become teenagers, they’re obsessed with magazines and stories that they relate to, as soon as they get a glimpse of the world. But that’s not always the case. Teenagers used to love Twilight, and it really is fiction. But Nickelodeon teen shows are all about going to high school.

How come when adults grow up, they don’t remember what it’s like to be a kid? In case you forgot: School sucks! And kids don’t like it. — Well yeah, but also maybe because their school dramas weren’t acknowledged.)

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